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Holy Cross Church, Garret Park, MD | Meadowlark Gardens, Vienna, VA

All-day Rain…CHECK. Unseasonably cold temperatures….CHECK. Transport bus between the church and venue breaks down with a faulty transmission…CHECK. Reception venue losing power at the end of the night…CHECK!

October 1st was rainy and cold…no two ways of getting around it. For most people, it was the crummiest autumn day we’ve had so far in the Mid-Atlantic region. Although I had met Amanda and Gab over a year ago and I knew Amanda and Gab were amazing people…laid-back…easy to laugh…even with those qualities, there was still a little, tiny, part of me that was fearful of how they might feel with such sloppy wedding day weather. Well, I walked in the door, and immediately my little molecule of fear was put to rest. Amanda was beaming and having a great time getting ready. Done and done. Within 10 minutes I said to Amanda, “I don’t want to brag or anything, but I AM ON FIRE TODAY!”

Photography is all about energy.

At every step of the day Amanda and Gab possessed the most amazing attitude, spirit, and genuine love for everyone around them. I kept looking at my assistant, Dawn, and saying, “I told you they were incredible.” And then in the same breath I couldn’t help but say, “Can you believe how cool they are?”

Even at the end of the night…after the power had gone out…all the guests had left…and it was now REALLY cold and raining hard outside…Amanda and Gab still had the energy and enthusiasm to go out a create one more special image with me. It’s times like these when I truly feel fortunate and lucky to do what I do for a living—meeting incredible new friends like Amanda and Gab.

Big hugs and thanks to my secret killer assistants, Dawn Deeks and John Pellett . They were total life savers all day. Of course, much love to Rachael Fineberg at Mango Productions. She kept things rolling smoothly all day and was a great calming force.

Top-Gun Hi-Fives,


  • The Manoel's - Joey you are a beast, absolutely unbelievable! We love it! Thank you for capturing so many special moments. You are a true artist!
    Much love, your friends
    Gab and Amanda

  • Jacqueline - Joey! These are amazing. Your best stuff yet, just love it!!! J

  • Sheila - Joey,

    You truly captured the beauty of Amanda and Gab’s love for each other! As Mommy of the Bride, I can really see it. Many thanks to you and your wonderful assistants!

  • Joey - Jacqueline, as always thank you for the kind words.

    Sheila, that’s so great to hear that you felt that from my work. That was really a big goal of mine…to show that amazing connection between Amanda & Gab…it’s great to know I succeeded. BTW, you deserve massive kudos and credit for raising such an amazing young woman. Amanda’s energy is infectious.

  • Jacqueline Baumgartner - you are the greatest Joey

    We are proud of you

    Love Tony & Mom

  • Dave - These are killer. Great job, JP.

  • Ali W - joey! THIS IS SO BEAUTIFULLY SHOT! I wanna get married again so you can shoot it.

  • Stephanie - This is the first I’ve ever seen your work and my pants were knocked off. Every friggin’ frame, dude.

    Inspiration. Every. single. image. Your color kills me. Man.

  • Joey - Thanks so much, Stephanie. You’re too kind. I’m super humbled. Cheers + Hi5s!

  • Pavlos - So many great shots in this one!

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