Megan + Suhas at the Pier 5 Hotel in Baltimore


First off a huge thank you for Megan + Suhas for being so patient with me as I get these images up and rockin' for them. And a huge hi-fives to the rest of my clients for also tollerating my perfectionism and allowing me to get caught up on everyone's images. I've been a maniac on my Mac for weeks now!

Megan + Suhas' wedding was by far the most images we've shot in a day and the editing and post-production has been some serious ass-kickin'. Of course I wouldn't have it any other way because seeing these images come together in post is always fantastic. I'm just so happy that I can begin sharing them with my new friends, Megan and Suhas.

I'll be posting more Sunday, but hopefully this will wet everyone's appetite for the main course that's on the way. I can't wait to share the rest.












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